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10 X 10 Must to do things of South India

From the moment  you step on South India till you leave, lot of senses that stimulate all of your sense organs may pass you. They may be familiar or unfamiliar to you.They may be natural or man made. Whatever you are in a world of that particular sense. There will be a source and cause of it. They reveal the existence of a Culture, Lifestyle or Nature around you. The realization of the senses will give you peculiar experiences which benefit the time in your holiday land its ultimate level of accomplishment.

  • Ten Must Hear sounds of South India

    1. The call of Malabar whistling thrush. 2. The trumpeting of Wild elephant. 3. The Cacophony of Racket tailed drongo. 4. Panchavadyam. 5. The humming sound of Nilgiri langur. 6. Roosting call of Malabar grey horn bill. 7. The wing beat of Great Indian hornbill. 8. Rowing rhythm of Snake boat race. 9. The song of Shama. 10. The belling of Sambhar. Read More

  • Ten Must Feel Smells of South india

    1. Fresh Cardamom. 2. Fragrance Coffee plantation when it blooms. 3. Sandal wood. 4. Devils tree bloom . 5. Fragrance of Wild Jasmine . 6. Asparagus blooming. 7. Smell of  Ayurveda oil. 8. Back water fish fry smell. 9. Civet musk. 10. Jack fruit. Read More

  • Ten Must feel senses of touch from South India

    1. The trunk of an elephant calf. 2. The texture of raw silk. 3. Kalari oil massage. 4. The rigidity of an Elephant's tusk. 5. Jaggery solution. 6. Screw pine leaves and the mats made from it. 7. Tender grains of rice. 8. Texture of Crocodile Bark tree. 9. Unprocessed rubber latex. 10. Coconut fibre and the materials made from it. Read More

  • Ten Must do tastes of South India

    1. Uduppi Masala Dosa. 2. Aviyal. 3. Chicken Chettinad. 4. Goan Fish curry. 5. Puttu. 6. Idiyappam. 7. Karimeen Pollichathu. 8. Alappey duck roast. 9.  Nilgiri Mutton Koruma. 10. Pandi Pork curry (Coorg style). Read More

  • Ten Must see birds of South India.

    1. Ceylon Frog mouth. 2. Indian Pitta. 3. Cinnamon Bittern. 4. White bellied Tree pie. 5. White bellied Short wing. 6. Black and orange Flycatcher. 7. Pale billed Flower pecker. 8. Asian Paradise Flycatcher. 9. Painted Spur fowl. 10. Grey Jungle fowl.   Read More

  • Ten Must see Cultural activities of South India

    1. South Indian Wedding. 2. Pooram padayani. 3. Dashara of Mysore. 4. Temple festivals of Kerala. 5. Jellikkettu or Bullfight of Tamilnadu. 6. Kalarippayattu. 7. Boat races of Kerala. 8. Mural paintings. 9. Nadanpanthukali of Kottayam. 10. Kambala race or the buffallo race of Karnataka.   Read More

  • Ten Must see Wild life of South India

    1. Sloth bear 2. Grizzled giant squirrel 3. Nilgiri Tahr 4. Malabar Giant Squirrel. 5. Nilgiri Langur. 6. Lion-tailed macaque. 7. Asian Elephant. 8. Southern Birdwing. 9. King cobra. 10. Travancore flying squirrel. Read More

  • Ten Must see Life Styles South India

    1. Silk making people of Mysore. 2. Mahouts & Tribal elephant trainers. 3. Black clam collectors of Vembanadu Lake. 4. Toddy tappers of Kerala. 5. Bronzesmiths of Mannar. 6. Kerala porotta makers. 7. Salt makers of Tamilnadu. 8. Aranmula metal mirror craftmen. 9. Artisans of Mamallapuram. 10. Kurumba tribes of Nilgiris.   Read More

  • Ten Must see landscapes of South India

    1. Kalhatty ghats. 2. Hampi temple complex. 3. Remote back waters. 4. Cardamom Hill Reserve. 5. Dhanushkodi. 6. 9th Hair pin bend of Valparai. 7. Keezhanthoor masi. 8. Lovedale railway station. 9. Anamudi shola National park. 10. Periyar Lake. Read More