Rhythm of Snake boat race

Hearing the rhythm of snake boat race means be there at the place… To move a large wooden boat with a length of 100-120 feet should need a uniform type of human effort. To create that uniformity, the group of singers of the boat beat at the specially designed part with a large wooden pole which creates a rhythm. According to this sound the rowers break the waves with the paddle and thus the boat trigger forward. To cover the 1250 metres of the Nehru trophy boat race track in 4 minutes, this rhythm plays a major role by uniting 100 minds of rowers into one. The vast and wide water, bordered with coconut trees, the paddy fields beyond those coconut trees, the supporting sound of the crowd on either sides of the lake, the water splaBack water holidays.shed from the bottom of the paddle altogether creates an un describable scene in the back waters of Punnamada lake of Kerala. This rhythm of rowing is own only to Kerala, though boat races are existing some parts of the world like Singapore (Dragon race), Bankock boat race of Thailand, Boat race of Norway, Boat races of Minikkoy islands etc. There are some songs itself being written only for paddlers which are known as Boat songs,(Vanchippattu) in Malayalam language of Kerala). Though the history of literature says Ramapurathu varrier (1703–1753) be the father of it, it had been existing even before him in the folk traditions. While King Marthandavarma of Travancore visited Vaikom temple along the Vembanadu lake, the rowers entertained him by singing this Vanchippattu. But later when the boat race became a competition, the rhythm has increased its speed so as to encourage the rowers.

South Indian Naturalist Tours is very happy to share this element of culture with you so as to aware you about the unnoticed fascinations of South India and the dormant rejoice within them. We will be thankful to you in sharing it with people in your familiarity and to neglect it if you find them unwanted, as well.
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