Wall’s colour pentads

The various color pigments of the hydrates of Iron oxide and Ferric oxide have longevity when being imprinted on a surface; just as chemistry explains…But, how can you explain the same longevity of the greenish blue extract of Indigo plant* leaves!!! What is the secret of permanence of the soot of a cotton wick immersed in sesame oil** get burnt and tender coconut juice mixed with quicklime???

The ancient artists of India who moved their brushes on the walls of caves, palaces and temples might have known about the durability of the colors when extracted from various natural materials. With that knowledge they synthesized red and yellow laterite stones, indigo plant, and quick lime to make red, yellow, green and white pigments respectively and black by the association of cotton wick and sesame oil. With those four mineral colors and one non mineral color, they made history over the walls of Indian states, Rajasthan and Kerala. Having the antiquity extending up to 8th century AD, these wall paintings, Indian mural paintings, attained the world attention with their durability, beauty and natural inclination. Their inseparable relation with Indian rock engravings, if studied, is more fascinating because their history extends back up to Paleolithic and Mesolithic eras. Part of an epic, incarnation of a king, victory over a neighboring province may be the theme on the wall, but, nature, tradition, beauty, ages and durability are the experiences you get when watching a Mural painting.

Mural painting exemplifies the tradition rooted in nature which incite South Indian Naturalist Tours to recommend it as the Must see cultural element of South India. We are very happy to share this element of culture with you so as to aware you about the unnoticed fascinations of South India and the dormant rejoice with them. We will be thankful to you in sharing it with people in your familiarity and to neglect it if you find them unwanted, as well.

*Indigo plant – Indigofera tinctoria **Sesame – Sesamum indicum.

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