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Kumbha kudam

Towering to a height of 20 feet, it is hazardous to balance Chendu to dance, holding on a human head. By chanting Durga Devi in their tongues, they believe the grace of the goddess help them to achieve that balance. Even more hard work is needed to make it, with non flexible palm wood, hand maiden paper flowers fixed at the tip of palm leaf mid-rib, and keeping them all un- spoilt for the whole day of Kumbha Kudam. Adopted the design from the inflorescence of Pagoda flower, Clerodendron serrattum, longer Chendu are made by keeping them erected in the wells!!! Perhaps that might be the reason why this temple festival of Kerala occurs in the summer months when the wells are being dried up.

Is it the result of firm salvation, any un-described science of balance or the stimulated internal energy by the surrounding crowd, helps the devotee to perform that hazardous dance?

South Indian Naturalist Tours is very happy to share this element of culture with you so as to aware you about the unnoticed fascinations of South India and the dormant rejoice within them. We will be thankful to you to share it with people in your familiarity and to neglect it if you find them unwanted, as well.

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