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  • Cloud’s Magic

    Cloud’s Magic

                   Wandering glider (Pantala flavescens), a dragon fly from South Africa, arrive as an envoy of this phenomenon... They fly in the fields and by seeing them the farmers eagerly finish the works remaining after paddy harvest; the husking, packing and loading. As soon as the phenomenon arrives following this invertebrate, the fragrance of the wet soil spread all around. By then hole- nesting birds w ..
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  • The eleven feet pride…

    The eleven feet pride…

    In record, he ever had two competents. One is alive and the other dead...The living first one rules the forests of Bardia park, Western Nepal. With a shoulder height 11 feet 3 inches, it being recorded as the largest Asiatic elephant in wild.                                                                                                                       ..
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  • The featherless birdwing.

    The featherless birdwing.

              It will be absolutely convincing that Gaur is the largest bovine of India, though its glossy black hump only is visible above the bushes... When Dalmatian pelican spread its broad white wings, it is not difficult to believe it as the biggest Indian bird… But, when you hear about the largest Indian butter fly, obvious ways of mind would lead you to delicateness, softness and tenderness. But, believe, size ..
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  • Wall’s colour pentads

    Wall’s colour pentads

    The various color pigments of the hydrates of Iron oxide and Ferric oxide have longevity when being imprinted on a surface; just as chemistry explains…But, how can you explain the same longevity of the greenish blue extract of Indigo plant* leaves!!! What is the secret of permanence of the soot of a cotton wick immersed in sesame oil** get burnt and tender coconut juice mixed with quicklime??? The ancient artists of India ..
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  • Actor of secretive theatre.

    Actor of secretive theatre.

    A feisty little carnivore, a survivor in the proximity of humans,  this is the most adaptable among the six mongoose species of India. As Ricky Ticky Tavi, in Kipling’s Jungle book, it is popular all over the world and desired to be seen in the wild. It is amazing  how a predator like him survives in human habitations hunting their pet animals and birds. People’s careless ways provide ample food and shelter for them as ..
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  • Rhythm of Snake boat race

    Rhythm of Snake boat race

    Hearing the rhythm of snake boat race means be there at the place... To move a large wooden boat with a length of 100-120 feet should need a uniform type of human effort. To create that uniformity, the group of singers of the boat beat at the specially designed part with a large wooden pole which creates a rhythm. According to this sound the rowers break the waves with the paddle and thus the boat trigger forward. To cover the ..
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  • Whistle of the bushes…

    Whistle of the bushes…

      Its song is filled with energy and joy of a school boy which resulted in its nomenclature  as Whistling school boy by britishers during their Indian reign. The sounds of streams and rivulets, which are its typical habitats, provide back ground score to its song. It look like a male Koel or a lean House crow at a distance. But on close observation the dark blue patches on forehead and shoulder and black coloured beak an ..
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  • The Art of Stone age Man

    The Art of Stone age Man

    That One kilometer hike from your parked vehicle may exhaust you…Bonnet macaques from the pepper wines may come down and try to grab the mineral water from you on the way…The 38 degree Celsius temp of the summer noon may trigger the sweat glands to form rivulets all over your body….But… once you enter into the front part of the Edakkal cave, the soothing cool air inside will begin to satisfy the other half of your - se ..
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  • The Elegant shyness

    The Elegant shyness

    Those rhythmic authoritarian walk, and the scarlet burning eyes are strictly villainous… While pursues stealthily under the thick bushes, the entire avian life keeps a watchful eye…. He would provide hours of interesting moments to your industrious binoculars to watch his activities interspersed with several hide and seek games. And, if it is a warm morning after an overnight rain, your camera can expect awesome images o ..
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  • Blood drop of forest floor.

    Blood drop of forest floor.

    A wedding ring weighs to seven of it was a luxury for a common man at that period. But a necklace weighs 350 of it adorned the queen of the province. It was on the same time that they were used to prepare medicine for various skin ailments including Leprosy, and therefore they were the Dapsone of Kerala till 19th century. But medicine preparation was permitted to expert pharmacologist as it causes death in overdose because o ..
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