Our Skills

A lot to offer for a serious traveler
For the people who like to make their holiday as a learning experience, S.I.N.T offer its maximum support with proper planning, guiding and consulting with appropriate personalities. If you are a luxury traveler, a budget traveler or a back packer, S.I.N.T join with your wanderlust by offering all kinds of assistance.

Unique excursions.
Even inside of a general type of itinerary, S.I.N.T arrange some kind of unique activities which provide you an unforgettable holiday experience. It can be a Cultural element, a historical element, or a true natural element. For the people who want to have some unique type of traveling, we offer all kinds of support.

Tailor made itineraries with respect your interests.
Though S.I.N.T has designed different packages, that do not mean our guests must confine to them. If you want to enjoy the interesting elements of two separate packages, we offer our maximum support to tailor make it.

Trained Naturalist guides the tours
The core and strength of S.I.N.T are its naturalists who have several years of experience over biodiversity- rich areas of India. They like to transfer their experience to the people who like to experience the same. Instead of traveling just with a cabin driver, who sometimes cannot share all of your enthusiasm, our well trained and experienced accompanying Naturalists, will raise your trip to a new level. We are the only one tour operator does so, other than the specialist tour operators.

Thorough knowledge about Destinations
As a South India Based company, S.I.N.T operates at its own platform. This provincial expertise enhances in the successful tour operations with unexplored destination visits, experiencing new lifestyles and places. Your experiences are not confined to the destinations. The accompanying naturalist make each and every moment a piece of enjoyment to cherish the trip.